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Partial Solar eclipse for north Europe tomorrow – August 11, 2018

North Europe will see a partial Solar eclipse on August 11. The eclipse will visible in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Read more

Big debris flow hits Chamoson, Switzerland – August 7, 2018

A damaging debris flow hit the village of Chamoson, Switzerland late afternoon yesterday, August 7. It was caused by locally Read more

Up to +43 °C in SW Spain and Portugal this afternoon, August 2nd

Heat wave ramps up across parts of Iberian peninsula today, both SW Spain and south-central Portugal are experiencing up Read more

Heat wave strengthens over SW Spain today

As expected, the strengthening ridge over SW Europe is gradually increasing the intensity of the heat wave over Iberian peninsula Read more

Extreme north of Norway hits 30 °C, up to 32 °C at 70°N!

Exceptionally high temperatures in the extreme north of northern Europe are becoming an every day occurrence. It was yet Read more