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Torrential rainfall for central Greece today, flooding likely

Major rainfall (and snowfall at higher elevations) is ongoing and expected over eastern parts of Central Greece and eastern Read more

Windy weather for N Spain and W France: cutoff low and windstorm over the Bay of Biscay today – Jan 10, 2017

A new cyclone is approaching western Europe; it will cause gale to storm force winds across the Bay of Biscay and affect Read more

Large amounts of Saharan dust pushed into central and northern Europe over the next few days – UPDATE

Very large amounts of Saharan dust are being advected with southerly winds across the Mediterranean far into central and Read more

Thunderstorms ongoing over southern France: intense rainfall and local flooding likely

The expected episode of intense rainfall over southern France has started. A persistent line of thunderstorms is ongoing Read more

Intense Nor’easter cyclone affects the US East Coast with blizzards and coastal flooding – reports

STORM SURGE advances on Salem, MA lighthouse during high tide, with feet of coastal flood waters and massive chunks of ice Read more