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LIVE: Severe windstorm #CIARA spreading across the UK and Ireland – near 80 mbar pressure difference between Scotland and Spain

As expected, a powerful deep cyclone and frontal system are entering western Europe today, delivering a severe windstorm #CIARA across the UK and Ireland. Severe winds locally in excess of 120 km/h have already been reported, conditions are expected to worsen through the afternoon hours! The frontal system will then push further east into continental Europe and introduce a severe damaging windstorm #SABINE into France, Benelux, Germany, W Poland and Czechia tonight! Huge waves are developing over the far North Atlantic and will spread towards Ireland and Scotland tomorrow.

WW3 model animation of the significant sea waves across the western Europe and North Atlantic:


NEW UPDATE: LIVE coverage of the very powerful windstorm #CIARA soon entering continental Europe

LIVE *update* on the very powerful windstorm #CIARA soon entering continental Europe


Satellite imagery reveals the powerful frontal system is now moving into the northern UK and Ireland, with the fast speed. Some convective storms are also likely with the frontal passage, supporting intense rain/wind squalls.

Peak wind gusts across the UK and Ireland so far, late Sunday morning; 100-120 km/h across England, Wales and south Ireland, up to 160 km/h in Scottish Highlands.

There is a *huge* pressure difference across the North Atlantic today. While strong ridging is persisting over the southern and southwestern Europe – more than 1030 mbar pressure is observed in Spain, a deep low is moving into northern Scotland – near 950 mbar in its center. That means the pressure difference between northern Scotland and northern Spain is near 80 mbar! Tight pressure gradient is resulting in a severe windstorm! There is also near 50 mbar difference across the UK – extreme southeast parts (England) are reporting 1001 mbar, while the extreme northwest parts (Scotland) are reporting 950 mbar!

Windstorm #Ciara will be spreading across western Europe today, introducing damaging severe to locally extremely severe winds.

Stay alert for dangerous weather conditions!

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*UPDATE* on the intense #stormCiara (windstorm) across the UK and Ireland through Sunday & Monday – severe winds and major waves are expected!

The former ‘bomb cyclone’ along the northeast USA tonight is set to batter the UK and Ireland with 75-80 mph #StormCiara on Sunday, Feb 9th

This powerful winter storm will continue east tonight and bring an intense squall-line with storms along the leading cold front across Benelux and Germany!

Windstorm #SABINE brings severe damaging winds along the squall-line across Benelux, France, and Germany from Sunday evening through Monday morning

Significant 15 mt / 50 ft waves will develop across the North Atlantic tonight and push towards the UK and Ireland through Monday!

Significant 15-meter / 50-feet waves across the North Atlantic – spreading towards the UK and Ireland tonight!