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Week 24-2019 (June 10th – June 16th) Contest Winners

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Week 24 of 2019 (June 10th – June 16th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Devid Raziel Penguti – 275 votes

“Saggy Mammatus, 11.06.2019. Polesine, Italy” by Devid Raziel Penguti

2nd place: Peter Gude – 263 votes

“Monster supercell south of Brewster Kansas last Saturday” by Peter Gude

3rd place: John Poot – 238 votes

“Holland Genemuiden, 13 juni” by John Poot

4th place: Tobias ter Hell – 225 votes

“Classic supercell in Southeast Germany 06/10/2019” by Tobias ter Hell

5th place: Tobias Hartl – 223 votes

“The HP – Monster of Munich” by Tobias Hartl

6th place: Steffen Hoffmann – 222 votes

“Thunderstorm coming… Güstrow / Rostock – Germany – 12.06.2019” by Steffen Hoffmann

7th place: Stefan Dantinger – 208 votes

“The hail monster from Munich” by Stefan Dantinger

8th place: Steffen Lorke – 184 votes

“Yesterday evening in Kloster Lehnin/Germany” by Steffen Lorke

9th place: Gorazd Bizjan – 156 votes

“Cumulonimbus mammatus above Ljubljana, Slovenia” by Gorazd Bizjan

10th place: Adam Likar – 139 votes

“Bam! Jun 16th 2019 near Krško, Slovenia” by Adam Likar

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