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Significant cold outbreak across E-CNTRL Europe through the next 7 days

The weather across Europe has been pretty warm (locally hot) through the last weeks but our continent is coming into a quite Read more

Severe thunderstorms likely across parts of north Italy today, April 29

North Italy is looking at some potentially severe thunderstorms today. Quite impressive instability builds up across the Read more

Severe storms and excessive rainfall over the Alpine region on Sunday, Aug 6th 2017

While south, central and eastern Europe is still in a record-breaking heat wave and ridging pattern, models are in good agreement Read more

Severe weather outbreak across E France into central Germany and W Poland

Europe is dominated by two prominent features this week, a large almost stationary upper trough over W Europe and a strong Read more

Severe hailstorms over northwestern Italy – July 29, 2017

Severe thunderstorms again hit NW Italy yesterday (Piemonte, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna), as a shortwave passed across the Read more