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Almost a hot day in eastern Iberia today – Valencia, Spain hit +29.6 °C and set a new *all-time February record*

After three consecutive days of the remarkably high temperatures – even setting new all-time records in some regions, the peak of the event has occurred today. The Peak with the capital ‘P’ to be honest. Again, eastern Spain has experienced the highest temperatures – Valencia airport hit +29.6 °C and set a new all-time February record, Javea / Xabia hit +28.9 °C while the city of Alicante hit +28.6 °C!

The TOP-30 highest SYNOP / METAR reports of temperatures across Spain today, Feb 4th, 2020:

As mentioned above, the weather station at the Valencia airport has hit the new all-time February record for this location: +29.6 °C soon after 3pm local time today! This breaks the previous record of +29.4 °C taken on Feb 28th, 1990.

Another very warm city was Jávea / Xàbia (also in Valencia region) which reached +28.9 °C today!

The official station in the city of Alicante has hit +28.6 °C which is the 5th highest winter temperature ever recorded at this location since 1859! Back in 1910, Alicante reported a hot day; +30.0 °C!

  • +30.0 °C on Feb 28th, 1910
  • +29.4 °C on Feb 27th, 1990
  • +29.2 °C on Jan 7th, 1982
  • +28.8 °C on Feb 25th 1995
  • +28.6 °C on Feb 4th, 2020

Here are some other stations with very high maximum temperatures today:

  • +28.3 °C in San Javier aiport (Murcia region)
  • +28.1 °C in Murcia (Murcia region)
  • +27.4 °C in Vlencia city
  • +27.4 °C in Oliva
  • +27.4 °C in Miramar
  • +27.2 °C in Alicante airport
  • +27.0 °C in Lliria
  • +26.7 °C n Huelva (Andalucia region)

The last time it was so warm in January or February was the end of February 1995. The extreme warmth or almost heat has peaked today, then the next days will be slightly cooler at least. Although still well above normal.

Eastern Spain has been extremely warm since Saturday, see the previous reports:

Ugh, what about +27 in NW Italy, +24 in Switzerland and +28 °C in Spain during winter?! Yes, today – on Feb 3rd!

Another warm day across the southern half of Europe – Spain up to +26, Balkans and Mediterranean up to +22, N France and Benelux again into mid-10s!

An incredible warmth across parts of Europe for the 1st day of February – many locations reached 18-20 °C, Valencia (eastern Spain) hit +27 °C!