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An incredible warmth across parts of Europe for the 1st day of February – many locations reached 18-20 °C, Valencia (eastern Spain) hit +27 °C!

The first day of extreme warmth has verified yesterday, on Saturday, Feb 1st. Several locations across the Mediterranean and the Balkans peaked into low 20s, parts of central Europe pushed into mid to upper 10s, southern Scandinavia and Denmark up to 11 °C. Between 12-16 °C across Benelux Germany and Poland. Spring weather across eastern Spain – several locations pushed above 25 °C!

The TOP-100 highest temperatures across Europe on Feb 1st, 2020:

Peak daytime temperatures across Europe with regional maps as well:

Here are close-up views over the Mediterranean and the Balkans, north-central Europe and the Iberian peninsula:

Please refer to the primary discussion for the forecast details:

*10-20 day forecast* North Atlantic Oscillation explodes and the Pacific North American pattern drops negative. As ridging dominates the Pacific, pressure starts to drop massively again in the North Atlantic.