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Week 12-2019 (March 18th – March 24th) Contest Winners

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Week 12 of 2019 (Mar 18th – Mar 24th ) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Giorgia Salvatori‎ – 205 votes

“This is one of my best shot! Lenticular clouds in Iceland, September 2018” by Giorgia Salvatori

2nd place: Sid Smith‎ – 190 votes

“This incredible HP supercell near Last Chance, CO had some of the most dramatic hail glow I’ve ever seen in a storm. It would go on to produce several gustnadoes and take on some otherworldly mothership structure a little later near Kirk. 5-26-17” by Sid Smith

3rd place: Stefan Vavro‎ – 165 votes

“12.7.2016 Spacince Slovakia” by Stefan Vavro

4th place: Ryan Crouse‎ – 145 votes

“Tornado Warned Storm around Big Spring – Garden City, Texas ; May 26, 2014” by Ryan Crouse‎

5th place: Mariusz Nawrocki‎ – 144 votes

“High contrast. Behind the back the sun. Armageddon in the front. West Poland 18.03.2019” by Mariusz Nawrocki

6th place: Fernanda Skalisz‎ – 126 votes

“Ourinhos, São Paulo- Brazil; March 19, 2019” by Fernanda Skalisz‎

7th place: Gabriele Mangia‎ – 124 votes

“This MCS produced an incredible amount of lightnings! 15.08.18 Castrignano de’Greci, Italy.” by Gabriele Mangia‎

8th place: Umberto Paganini Paganelli‎ – 115 votes

“Faenza – Italy” by Umberto Paganini Paganelli‎

9th place: Jüri Voit‎ – 110 votes

“Lightning.17.08.2017.Estonia” by Jüri Voit‎

10th place: Maja Kraljik‎ – 101 votes

“Shelfcloud before two days in the morning in Umag,it was nice to see it after a looong winter!” by Maja Kraljik

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