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Week 11-2019 (March 11th – March 17th) Contest Winners

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Week 11 of 2019 (Mar 11th – Mar 17th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Ognyan Nikolov – 347 votes

“14.06.18 – 10 km east of Veliko Tarnovo/Bulgaria” by Ognyan Nikolov

2nd place: Francesco Ivan Dalla Stella‎ – 228 votes

“The road to the storm… Busa di Vigonza 11/3/2019” by Francesco Ivan Dalla Stella‎

3rd place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 215 votes

“May 19th 2014 LP-Supercell with nice Mothership near Sidney, Nebraska.” by Andreas Feichtmeier

4th place: Paweł Błaszkowski‎ – 208 votes

“A beautifully formed shelf cloud, Poland 2011. The view was breathtaking.” by Paweł Błaszkowski‎

5th place: Maja Kraljik‎ – 177 votes

“Beautiful Undulatus asperatus 2 days ago near Savudrija coast-before strong Bora came… 11.03.2019.NW Istria;Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

6th place: Jaksa Kuzmicic‎ – 149 votes

“Here is a fresh one. Crawlers on island Hvar tonight.” by Jaksa Kuzmicic

7th place: Czirok Bence‎ – 146 votes

“Arcus cloud with lightning ; 2018.06.13 ; Hungary, Orosháza” by Czirok Bence

8th place: Mandie Hamlin‎ – 144 votes

“Not a great photo, but certainly severe weather in the Atlantic! Force 10 with 10m waves…photo taken from Deck 7 of a cruise ship…” by Mandie Hamlin

9th place: Christian Tondo‎ – 140 votes

“Funnel cloud today near Sottomarina (VE – italy)” by Christian Tondo‎

10th place: Augustus Gloops‎ – 139 votes

“Church of Talmon-sur-Gironde, Charente-maritime, France. 2018” by Augustus Gloop

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