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Week 10-2019 (March 4th – March 10th) Contest Winners

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Week 10 of 2019 (March 4th – March 10th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Marko Korošec – 336 votes

“Living my dream. Rapid city, SD monster nighttime supercell on June 19th, 2015.” by Marko Korošec

2nd place: Marko Matešić – 174 votes

“Lenticular cloud” by Marko Matešić

3rd place: Axel Guibourg‎ – 125 votes

“Supercell in Oklahoma, May 31st 2018.” by Axel Guibourg‎

3rd place: Tiszavölgyi Dávid‎ – 125 votes

“Yesterday night thunderstorm,Monor, Hungary” by Tiszavölgyi Dávid‎

4th place: Rolf Besseler‎ – 123 votes

“Gronau, Germany 04. 04. 2018” by Rolf Besseler

5th place: Šime Barešić – 110 votes

“It started on a milky way season! 03.03.2019.” by Šime Barešić

6th place: Guillaume Scheib ‎ – 106 votes

“Northern Lights display at Breiðabólsstaðarkirkja,Iceland, 4 march 2017” by Guillaume Scheib ‎

7th place: Markus Stalder‎ – 97 votes

“Thunder Storm over Bernese Alps” by Markus Stalder‎

8th place: Otto Zachař – 92 votes

“2016 HP beast mode in Czech Republic!” by Otto Zachař

9th place: Stefan Dantinger‎ – 91 votes

“Near Deggendorf/Germany 8.3.2019” by Stefan Dantinger‎

10th place: Lucas Thiery – 85 votes

“Forming a storm with a small rainbow at dusk in France” by Lucas Thiery‎

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