Extreme heat wave causes numerous wildfires in Sweden – July 19, 2018

Northern Europe has been in an extreme heat wave for weeks now. Temperatures are regularly exceeding 30 °C across large Read more

Exceptionally hot day in northern Europe, temperatures well over 30 °C all the way to the extreme north of Norway (Arctic circle) – July 18, 2018

It was yet another hot day yesterday in northern Europe. Temperatures peaked well above 30 °C far inside the Arctic circle. Maximum Read more

Huge waterspout buzzes boat in southern Italy – July 17, 2018

In a move which series "Storm Chasers" fans will find more reminiscent of the TIV and the Dominator, a boat made a near-intercept Read more

Lots of lightning activity across Europe through the first half of this week

The weather pattern across Europe has been supporting quite a dynamic period this week. A strong ridge across NNE Europe Read more

Europe’s pattern overview for the next 7 days (July 18-25)

Here is a followup on the pattern evolution this week. A strong upper ridge remains in place across N-NE Europe and NW Russia, Read more