Amazing altocumulus lenticularis display over the Croatian coast – Jan 1, 2015

The Croatian coast, still under the influence of strong Bura winds, produced one of the most exceptional Altocumulus lenticularis

Hurricane force Bura/Bora winds over the Adriatic, Dec 30, 2014 – Jan 1, 2015

The same Bura/Bora winds that produced the intense Adriatic-effect snow over large parts of the Apennine peninsula also produced

Intense Adriatic-effect snow over E Italy – December 30-31, 2014

Strong Adriatic-effect snowfall is ongoing along the E half of the Apennine peninsula and on some Adriatic islands on December

Severe supercell thunderstorms across France and S-CNTRL UK – July 19, 2014

Strong supercell thunderstorms hit France and the UK yesterday afternoon and evening. High instability and a strongly sheared