Scorching heat across north Europe continues – July 20, 2018

The heat wave across northern Europe continues: much of the region again hit the upper 20s, with some places in northern Read more

Record breaking heat across N Norway and Kola peninsula, July 19th

Extreme heat brought new all-time records into N Norway and Kola peninsula, Russia yesterday. Foehn winds pushed temps into Read more

A significant heat wave across Fennoscandia continues, July 20th

Yet another very warm / hot day across Fennoscandia today, peak afternoon temps mostly 8-12°C above normal again! (adsbygoogle Read more

Severe weather outbreak across the Alpine region possible, July 20th

A significant outbreak of severe thunderstorms is possible today over a broad zone stretching from eastern and southern France Read more

Tropical heat in northern Europe: extreme north of Norway, Finland hits 32 °C again – July 19, 2018

The extreme north of Norway and Finland has hit up to 32 °C by around local noon today, July 19. Foehn effect is further Read more