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Day after tomorrow? No, but we are facing two impressive extra-tropical cyclones right now – one over the North Pacific and another over the North Atlantic

Remember the famous movie ‘The day after tomorrow’? It obviously did not get into reality, but the satellite images today across the northern hemisphere are beyond exceptional! We have first seen twins on both North Pacific and North Atlantic ocean last night, now we’re seeing two dominant extra-tropical systems! See details and comparison of both below.

Feb 13th, 12 UTC analysis of both systems; the North Pacific had a central pressure of 953 mbar, the North Atlantic had a central pressure of 940 mbar! Pretty exceptional satellite presentation on both systems, where the North Atlantic is much more intense and large. Attached are sea level pressure, fronts analysis, and satellite images:

North Pacific:

North Atlantic:

Here are some extra satellite images with more details:

North Pacific storm:

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The perfect storm – monster extra-tropical cyclone over the North Pacific today

Spectacular tandem of twins – two cyclones over the North Pacific today, Feb 12th

North Atlantic storm:

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Planning Valentine’s day trip to Iceland? Not this year! A *violent* windstorm with wind gusts locally 180-220 km/h is expected tomorrow, Feb 14th

North Atlantic *update* – Impressive satellite presentation of twin cyclones

Here is the animation of wind gusts by ICON-EU model, with violent winds expected across the North Atlantic in the coming days. Additionally, we have made an animation of significant wave heights associated with this system: