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The extremely intense and record-breaking heat wave continues across parts of western Europe. Afternoon temperatures again soared into low 40s yesterday, especially across France where more than 100 weather stations reported above +40 °C! Spain again peaked at near +41 °C too.

The highest temperatures over France peaked into an incredible 40-42 °C range in many regions – the station Montgivray reported +42.5 °C as the maximum of the day! Several station records were broken, including Chateauroux which hit +41.2 ° C shattering its old absolute 113 years old record! The previous record was +40.5 °C set of August 2nd, 1906 while the station has reliable and uninterrupted series since 1893! Let take a look at some of the remarkable and record-breaking values:

  • +42.5 °C in Montgivray
  • +42.3 °Cin Belin-Béliet
  • +42.1 °C in Brive – Larache (absolute record)
  • +41.9 °C in Saumur
  • +41.9 °C in Grand Pressigny
  • +41.6 °C in Daglan
  • +41.1 °C in Angers (absolute record shattters the old record of +39.8 °C set on July 28th 1947)
  • +41.1 °C in Amboise
  • +40.9 °C in Bordeaux (absolute record)
  • +40.6 °C in Vichy
  • +40.5 °C in Romorantin
  • +40.4 °C in Blois (absolute record shattters the old record of +39.5 °C set on Aug 10th 2003)
  • +40.2 °C in Tours (absolute record shattters the old record of +39.8 °C set on Aug 10th 2003)
  • +40.1 °C in Rennes Saint Jacques (absolute record shattters the old record of +39.5 °C set on Aug 5th 2003)
  • +38.7 °C in Laval (absolute record)
  • +37.4 °C in Limoges (absolute record)
  • +36.5 °C in Havre (absolute record)

Maximum temperatures over France on Tuesday, July 23rd. Map: Infoclimat.

In the Iberian peninsula, the highest temperatures were recorded across NE and S Spain. Many stations exceeded +40 °C threshold with Lleida (Spain) being the highest with 41.2 °C.

Maximum temperatures over Iberian peninsula on Tuesday, July 23rd. Map: Meteociel.

The heat wave has also intensfied across the UK, especially England where peak afternoon temperatures climbed into low to mid 30s – Jersey airport reported 36.0 °C!

Maximum temperatures over UK on Tuesday, July 23rd. Map: Meteociel.

Top 15 METAR / SYNOP stations with the highest temperatures across Spain, France and United Kingdom yesterday, Tuesday, July 23rd:

Additional extremely hot days with even higher temperatures are expected today, tomorrow and also on Friday – the all-time record values could be shattered across BeNeLux tomorrow! See forecast details:

UPDATE: going over 40 °C in France again, BeNeLux expected to break all-time max temperature record tomorrow – July 25th

Very hot weather will also develop over England this week:

Hot weather across parts of the UK in the next 3-4 days

Stay tuned for additional updates through the coming days!

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