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Week 20-2019 (May 13th – May 19th) Contest Winners

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Week 20 of 2019 (May 13th – May 19th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Dario Grubišić – 261 votes

“Lenticular cloud Crikvenica-Croatia” by Dario Grubišić

2nd place: Luca Vezzosi‎ – 259 votes

“Mothership supercell from saturday near Montagnana, N Italia” by Luca Vezzosi

3rd place: Dražen Suvić‎ – 223 votes

“13.05.2019. ; Rijeka, Croatia” by Dražen Suvić‎

4th place: Devid Raziel Penguti‎ – 218 votes

” Rainbow in the Dark ; 03.05.2019 ; Polesine, Italy” by Devid Raziel Penguti

5th place: Denis Fotograf – 207 votes

“At this moment above Kvarner, 13.05.2019. Croatia” by Denis Fotograf

6th place: Kevin Pitcel‎ – 204 votes

“Portrait of a lightning bolt ; Marco Island, Florida – USA” by Kevin Pitcel

7th place: Marian Piecha‎ – 161 votes

“Poland” by Marian Piecha

8th place: Rákk Krisztopfer‎ – 149 votes

“Today evening at 8:30 PM, in Satu ; Mare(Petresti),Romania.” by Rákk Krisztopfer‎

9th place: Ákos Dornics‎ – 135 votes

“2019.05.12. ; Dobogókő, Hungary” by Ákos Dornic

10th place: Michał Kurzak‎ – 116 votes

“Classic supercell with sunset near Jerzmanowice ; 17.05.2019 ” by Michał Kurzak‎

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