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Week 18-2019 (Apr 29th – May 05th) Contest Winners

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Week 18 of 2019 (Apr 29th – May 05th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Francesco Gabbianelli‎ – 212 votes

“29/04/19 Portonovo (Ancona Marche ITALY)” by Francesco Gabbianelli‎

2nd place: Maja Kraljik – 189 votes

“Crazy atmosphere yesterday on NW coast in one moment there were two shelfclouds! This is one of them..season starts well” by Maja Kraljik

2nd place: Devid Raziel Penguti‎ – 189 votes

“Majestically storm structure. 26.04.2019, Polesine, Italy” by Devid Raziel Penguti‎

3rd place: Stiv Gentili – 177 votes

“Miramare (RN) Italy 03/05/2019” by Stiv Gentili

4th place: Valerie Vickland – 151 votes

“Wild wind and cloud layers have stirred up a large lenticular cloud crowning Mount Shasta, one of the Cascade volcanos in California” by Valerie Vickland

5th place: Chris De Vries – 146 votes

“I still love this shot. Taking two years ago… love it” by Chris De Vries

6th place: Raphael Michaelides – 140 votes

“Limassol Cyprus 04/12/18” by Raphael Michaelides

7th place: Kacper Buldecki – 124 votes

“Yesterday’s storm in Rogów/Poland” by Kacper Buldecki

8th place: Nenad Milic – 117 votes

“26.4.2019 Baranja,Croatia” by Nenad Milic

9th place: Maximilian Quellmalz‎ – 88 votes

“Partial halo at 36000 feet on our way towards Dublin” by Maximilian Quellmalz‎

10th place: Natalija Skočić – 79 votes

“Šibenik last night” by Natalija Skočić

10th place: Милановић Лидија‎ – 79 votes

“Serbia 30.04.2019” by Милановић Лидија‎

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