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Significant warmth 23-27 °C afternoon temperatures across a large part of Europe, even the UK pushed to +24 °C! Very warm weather continues into Easter weekend

It has been very warm across western, central and also southern Europe this week and it should extend into the coming Eastern weekend, even intensifying over central Europe. Many regions should further experience very high early/mid April temperatures.

The overall pattern is supporting an extensive and persistent upper-level ridge. While it is currently centered over western Europe, its center moves over northern Mediterranean on Sunday:

Today, many stations across west-central Europe reported 23-27 °C, even southern England reported a very high afternoon temperatures – up to +24 °C!

Tabular data of SYNOP/METAR stations:

Sigificant warmth will continue into the weekend. Attached is 2 meter temperature anomaly from Friday to Sunday. These much warmer than normal days for early April will continue over western Europe and even intensify across central Europe over the weekend:

Friday, Apr 10th

Saturday, Apr 11th

Sunday, Apr 12th

See the primary forecast discussion:

Impressive satellite presentation of a rapidly intensifying cyclone near Iceland – pressure drops more than 30 mbar in west Iceland