The deadly wildfires across many parts of Australia continue, leaving behind an unprecedented devastation, millions of killed animals, at least 23 fatalities among residents and much more.

Many from around the world are asking how big area is actually affected by these fires? Attached are comparison maps of the Australian continent against Europe, United States and Asia:

Here is an outstanding 3D visualisation of the fires in Australia by Anthony Hearsey – 3D visualization of the fires in Australia. Image is based on NASA data and produced by Anthony Hearsey.

This visual shows all the fires observed between December 5 and January 5. Neither real-time, but not a satellite photo. Some lights are now off, so the scale is imprecise due to the low definition. As a result, the areas completely in orange have not burned completely, it just means that there is a huge density of fires in these regions.

Let these heartbreaking images and videos speak for themselves – here are some of the most direct-message Twitter reports:

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Wildfires in Australia create a smoke cloud larger than the continental United States! It can be seen from space as it circles the hemisphere, covering over 12.000km! Full animation included.