A violent F4 tornado hit Dolo and Mira, just west of Venice on July 8, 2015. This tornado is one of the most violent tornadoes on record in Europe: it caused 1 fatalitiy and 72 injuries, along a damage path 12 km long.

Damage track and intensity analysis for the July 8, 2015 tornado by European Severe Storms Laboratory.

F4 is the second highest level on the 0-5 Fujita scale. An F4 tornado packs winds of 333-418 km/h. The Fujita scale is in use in Europe, while in the US the Enhanced Fujita scale is now used.

Damage along the tornado track. Photos: Protezione Civile Italia / Cronaca – Il Mattino di Padova.

The plains of north Italy are one of the most tornado-prone areas in Europe. A violent F4 tornado hit Venice in 1970: 36 people were killed. The same area, Veneto, holds the record for one of the most violent or possibly the most violent tornado on record in Europe – the the July 24, 1930 Montello tornado – a likely F5 tornado.