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Intense Nor’easter cyclone affects the US East Coast with blizzards and coastal flooding – reports

STORM SURGE advances on Salem, MA lighthouse during high tide, with feet of coastal flood waters and massive chunks of ice Read more

Powerful Nor’easter winter storm will brush across the US east coast tonight!

A rather classic but a very impressive winter storm - a so-called Nor'easter is moving along the US east coast today and Read more

Exceptionally deep cyclone Ana/Yves hits W France this morning – winds over 160 km/h reported!

Exceptional view of the very deep cyclone Ana/Yves currently over NW France! Central mean sea level pressure has dropped Read more

Major snowfall in Ireland and parts of UK on Sunday

Rapid deep cyclogenesis will take place during the night and tomorrow over Ireland and the British Isles. Cold mid levels Read more

Storm Caroline hits Scotland, Norway and Faroe Islands with winds up to hurricane force winds

Cyclone Caroline underwent explosive cyclogenesis early on Thursday, rapidly deepening to a 963 mbar central pressure at Read more