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Severe Weather Outbreak in the USA – April 27th, 2014

A severe weather outbreak occured in parts of central USA last night, more precisely across parts od Nebraska, E Kansas, E Oklahoma NE Texas, Missouri and Arkansas. Several tornadoes occurred, including a strong wedge tornado resulting in significant damage in the town of Mayflower, Arkansas. Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a rare high risk for W-CNTRL Arkansas where conditions were very favourable for violent tornadoes. However, more tornadoes actually developed outside the high risk area as can be seen from the preliminary reports.

1 km polar-orbiting satellite image of tornado-producing storms over Arkansas.

Source: @CIMSS_Satellite via twitter

Here is a radar scan of the intense storm which produced a destructive long-track wedge tornado in central Arkansas. Notice the pronounced hook echo radar signature just north of the city of Little Rock:

Source: UCAR EDU

Spectacular backside view of the supercell thunderstorm in NE Texas

Source: Justin Jansen‎ / Texas Storm Chasers

Another view of the backside of an explosive supercell as seen from Bartlett, Texas. Notice the massive overshooting top!

Source: Cory Jo Davis / ‎Texas Storm Chasers

A very photogenic tornado through Baxter Springs, Kansas, yesterday afternoon:

Source: twitter @BuzzFeedStorm / @TeamBCX

Very large baseball size hail from this intense supercell:

Source: Betty Colvin-Farriell / ‎Texas Storm Chasers

Strong tornado southeast Kansas, the debris in the air is from a destroyed church:

Source: Chad Cowan ‏via twitter @stormtimelapse

Mayflower, Arkansas storm structure with wedge tornado on the ground in lower left:

Source: Basehunters Chasing via twiter ‏@Basehunters

More photos of the Myflower, Arkansas tornado:

Source: Randy Ashley‎ / KATV Channel 7

Source: Jason Len Gann / ‎KATV Channel 7

Source: Matthew Grant

Some videos of yesterday’s tornadoes:

Tornado in Linn County, Kansas:

Source: Brandon Ivey

Hume, Missouri tornado:

Source: Kory Hartman, Tim Purington and Joe Nelson via SevereStudios
Source: Basehunters Chasing via twiter ‏@Basehunters

Aerial view of the tornado damage in Mayflower, AR:

Source: Brian Emfinger

Here is a Storm Prediction Center (SPC) map of severe weather event reports with the outlook issued at 20 UTC yesterday:

Source: SPC