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New UPDATE on the major rainfall event over parts of Italy and parts of the western Balkans

Major floods are already ongoing in parts of north Italy, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Much more rainfall is expected in the next 3-4 days as the causative cutoff low persists over the region.

Central Italy

More rainfall is expected along the eastern slopes of the central Apennines, central Italy by the end of Tuesday. Up to 100 mm and locally more rainfall is indicated. Expect further flooding and landslides!

Western and southern Balkans

Persistent rainfall is expected on Monday and Tuesday across the eastern slopes of the Dinarides in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, with up to 150-180 mm of further rainfall expected. Continuing flooding, locally quite significant and damaging is expected.

Major rainfall is also expected in parts of Albania, North Macedonia and Greece on Tuesday and Wednesday. Up to 80-130 mm is expected by the end of the period. Local flooding is expected.

Rainfall totals until next Friday, Thursday and Wednesday by ICON-EU, ARPEGE and HIRLAM models, respectively. Maps: