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UPDATE on the storm to hurricane force Bora/Bura wind in W Slovenia and NW Croatia – May 13-14th

Storm to hurricane force Bora winds are expected today across parts of western Slovenia and northwestern Croatia.

Extremely severe Bura winds gusting in excess of 150 km/h are expected across the Kvarner region of NW Croatia. Exposed areas and places with the most favourable terrain configuration may experience gusts in excess of 180 km/h! Meanwhile, western Slovenia (Vipava valley in particular) will receive somewhat lesser, but still severe to extremely severe Burja up to 120 km/h or slightly more locally. Expect the winds to weaken on Tuesday morning.

Peak wind gusts in m/s across the Adriatic region. WRF-NMM model by Meteoadriatic. Maps: Meteoadriatic.

The locals are used to this kind of Burja/Bura winds, but keep it in mind if you are traveling through this region, particularly with vans or campers.