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An incredibly impressive view of CAT 5 Super Typhoon Trami as seen from the International Space Station today, Sept 25th

Currently ongoing intense Super Typhoon Trami in western Pacific ocean is packing winds of 150-160 mph and maintains CAT 4 / 5 strength. On one of the today’s International Space Station overpasses the view was exceptional. Astronaut Alexander Gerst shared the most spectacular photographs via twitter.

Wide angle view of the whole typhoon, revealing a completely symmetric structure and large eye.

Here are a couple of close-up photos directly into the very intense eyewall and the eye. Notice the sharp edges of the eyewall with an incredible stadium effect structure. In addition, several mesovortices are visible rotating in the eye!

See more at the Alexander’s account here:

This was the satellite view of Trami at the similar stage earlier today, infrared spectrum:

Super Typhoon Trami remains a very dangerous tropical system and is heading towards Japan this weekend – stay tuned for further updates!