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Week 31-2019 (July 29th – Aug 4th) Contest Winners

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Week 31 of 2019 (July 29th – Aug 4th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Sendi Smoljo – 450 votes

“Shelf cloud approaching from West, over city of Pula. 02.08.2019.” by Sendi Smoljo

2nd place: Marko Korošec‎ – 360 votes

“Jellyfish red sprites lightning above western Hungary, photographed from SW Slovenia. July 31st, 2019.” by Marko Korošec

3rd place: Kyle Allen‎‎‎‎ – 333 votes

“Such an impressive structure on a Tornado. 5/26/19. Dora, NM.” by Kyle Allen‎

4th place: Skywalkers Corp Photography‎‎‎ – 220 votes

“Flying quite close to that beautiful CB over China.” by Skywalkers Corp Photography‎

5th place: Dario Grubišić‎ – 215 votes

“Shelf cloud near Crikvenica-Croatia 28.7.2019” by Dario Grubišić

6th place: Francesco Cafaro‎ ‎ – 214 votes

“Supercell in Chioggia VE” by Francesco Cafaro‎‎

7th place: Maja Kraljik‎‎‎‎ – 210 votes

“A nice school example of explosive convection 27.07.2019. afternoon near Trieste,Italy” by Maja Kraljik‎‎‎

8th place: Antoine Besse‎‎‎ – 207 votes

“Remember of August 28th 2018. Huge shelf cloud in Floirac, Gironde, France.” by Antoine Besse‎‎‎

9th place: Florian Sabo‎ – 195 votes

“Shelfcloud near Laon, North-France on June 4, 2019” by Florian Sabo

10th place: Stavros Kesedakis – 189 votes

“Stunning supercell near Geuda Springs Kansas back in May 2018 ..” by Stavros Kesedakis‎‎

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