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Week 30-2019 (Jul 22nd – Jul 28th) Contest Winners

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Week 30 of 2019 (Jul 22nd – Jul 28th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Kyle Allen – 483 votes

“Incredible structure and tornado combo. Dora, NM. 5/26/19” by Kyle Allen

2nd place: Justin Wenk – 297 votes

“Tornado warned supercell near Imperial (Nebraska) on May 27, 2019” by Justin Wenk

3rd place: Stavros Kesedakis – 270 votes

“Throwback to that crazy waterspout off of Rhodes Greece back in Jan 30th but this time in B&W mood” by Stavros Kesedakis

4th place: Rick Bekker – 232 votes

“Dying supercell near Walsum, Germany 2 days ago” by Rick Bekker

5th place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 225 votes

“May 27th 2019 Tornado warned monster near Imperial, Nebraska” by Andreas Feichtmeier

6th place: Andi Dorninger – 210 votes

“”The Twins” Upper Styria, Austria” by Andi Dorninger

7th place: Stéphane Pereira‎ – 160 votes

“Orage sur bordeaux les 26 Juillet 2019” by Stéphane Pereira‎

8th place: Maja Kraljik – 155 votes

“Mammatus clouds eating rainbow in sunset while storm goes away. Umag, Croatia. 07.07.2019” by Maja Kraljik

9th place: Skywalkers Corp Photography – 150 votes

“While flying around a cumulonimbus. Saint Elmo’s Fire” by Skywalkers Corp Photography

10th place: Devid Raziel Penguti – 138 votes

“Storm Genesis. Polesine, Italy, 13.07.2019” by Devid Raziel Penguti

10th place: Alexander Obert‎ – 138 votes

“Just shot in Germany, Bavaria” by Alexander Obert‎

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