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Week 25-2020 (June 15th – June 21st) Contest Winners

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Week 25 of 2020 (June 15th – June 21st) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Danijel Palčić‎ – 384 votes

“Beautiful shelf cloud over Pag island, Croatia 28.11.2019” by Danijel Palčić ‎

2nd place: Marco Piantanida‎ – 336 votes

“15/06/2020 Field of Flowers, Varese, Italy” by Marco Piantanida

3rd place: Péter Kövesi‎ – 328 votes

“Close-up thunderstorm in the light of the setting sun…Hungary | 08.06.2020” by Péter Kövesi ‎

4th place: Bastian Werner‎ – 316 votes

“13.06.2020 supercell in Germany near the town of Memmingen right to sunset. The supercell was embedded into a small MCS. The shelf cloud of the MCS can be seen with the mesocyclone and its inflow striations further to the horizon.” by Bastian Werner

5th place: Rein Luehof‎ – 294 votes

“17 June 2020 Hoogeveen, The Netherlands” by Rein Luehof‎

6th place: Maja Kraljik‎ – 284 votes

“A close up look at the shelf cloud which was my first catch this season.Nice dramatic view into the sunset.April 29th,2020.NW Istrian coast,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik‎

7th place: Kamil Domowisz‎ – 240 votes

“Beatiful view of the golden convection cell…Poznań (Poland), 10.10.2019” by Kamil Domowisz‎

8th place: Péter Bányai – 221 votes

“2020.06.12. Varbo, Hungary” by Péter Bányai

9th place: Beáta Boldis – 201 votes

“Thunderstorm in Nagyvenyim, Hungary 17.06.2020” by Beáta Boldis

9th place: Massimo Ruvidi‎ – 201 votes

“11/06/2020 few minutes before the dawn…two anvil crawlers stacked in one image Campania – Italy” by Massimo Ruvidi

10th place: Szymon Safinowski‎ – 188 votes

“Massive Shelf Cloud – Poland…17 June 2020, Przasnysz – masovian district” by Szymon Safinowski‎

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