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Week 23-2020 (June 1st – June 7th) Contest Winners

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Week 23 of 2020 (June 01st – June 07th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Maximilian Ziegler‎ – 593 votes

“Incoming supercell, 9.8.2019, Heilbronn (Germany)” by Maximilian Ziegler‎

2nd place: Brad Hannon – 482 votes

“Monster tornadic supercell at night. Rapid City, South Dakota – June 19th 2015” by Brad Hannon

3rd place: Dario Grubišić – 379 votes

“Beautiful storm. Crikvenica, 8.6.2018” by Dario Grubišić

4th place: Tom Crn – 378 votes

“Poland, Justynów 7.06.2020” by Tom Crn

5th place: Lukas Gallo – 286 votes

“6.6.2020 Mammatus clouds after supercell storm hit Southern Bohemia region, Czech republic” by Lukas Gallo

6th place: Aleš Rozman – 265 votes

“Amazing CG lightning strike over Trieste (Italy), from Socerb (Slovenia), June 3rd 2020” by Aleš Rozman

7th place: Csaba Wolf – 259 votes

“Storm with a lightning strike near Budapest, Hungary. 03rd June, 2020” by Csaba Wolf

8th place: Maja Kraljik – 248 votes

“Amazing view at the tilted updraft tower with nicely visible overshooting top from developing supercell that afternoon over Pazin in central Istria, seen and photographed from Seget in NW Istria (60km away). From reports, it brought some hail and strong severe winds. May 26th,2020. Seget, Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

9th place: Alexander Stavros – 222 votes

“June 1st 2020. Porto Rafti-Attica-Greece” by Alexander Stavros

10th place: Tomáš Michálek‎ – 212 votes

“Rainbow in the Czech Republic (eastern Bohemia). June 6th 2020” by Tomáš Michálek‎

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