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Week 14-2020 (Mar 30th – Apr 05th) Contest Winners

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Week 14 of 2020 (Mar 30th – Apr 05th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Maja Kraljik – 202 votes

“Nice multylayered and elevated shelfcloud with strong striations approaching to NW Istria coast, in late afternoon on July 24th,2017. NW Adriatic,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

2nd place: Gregor Vojščak – 168 votes

“Nicely branched CG lightning barrage over island Krk, Croatia on July 9th 2019” by Gregor Vojščak

3rd place: Danijel Palčić – 164 votes

“Nice shelf cloud approaching Lun. Pag island, 8.9.2019” by Danijel Palčić

4th place: Tim Grešak – 134 votes

“Nice structure of storm with large hail and strong wind. Near Celje, Slovenia (27.6.2019)” by Tim Grešak

5th place: Anita White – 129 votes

“Storm forming over Sierra de Carrascoys in Murcia , Spain on 1/4/20” by Anita White

6th place: Eszter Turi – 116 votes

“2017 summer. Hungary, Vas County Nemeskocs” by Eszter Turi

7th place: Wessi Soufi – 94 votes

“Desert of El Oued / Algeria. 29/3/2020” by Wessi Soufi

8th place: Foto Norfo – 92 votes

“Livorno Italy…21/03/2020” by Foto Norfo

9th place: Jon Wray – 86 votes

“After photographing two storms bumping into each other over Paxos May 2018 From Corfu all night it decided to shift and make a quick advance towards me forming a new single front with lovely shape and form..” by Jon Wray

10th place: Stéphane Pereira – 76 votes

“American style in North Dakota. 15may2019” by Stéphane Pereira

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