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Ophelia makes landfall in S Ireland with storm to hurricane force winds – update (12:00 UTC)

Post-tropical storm Ophelia makes landfall in southern Ireland early this afternoon – peak winds reported so far: 191 km/h at Fastnet lighthouse, the most southerly point in Ireland, likely associated with a sting jet. 155 km/h reported at Roches Point, S Ireland. 120-135 km/h reported so far at other locations along the S coast of Ireland.

Some preliminary values so far (note that peak winds in S-SE-E Ireland, as well as W Wales are expected later during landfall):

  • 191 km/h – Fastnet Lighthouse
  • 158 km/h – Glenanne (UK)
  • 155 km/h – Roches Point
  • 135 km/h – Bouee 60023 (off SSE Ireland)
  • 124 km/h – Cork Airport
  • 119 km/h – Valentia
  • 119 km/h – Sherkin Island

Keep in mind this data is preliminary.

Up to 191 km/h gusts at Fastnet Lighthouse. Maximum gusts sustained at ~180-190 km/h during the past two to three hours. Image: EUMETSAT /

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Peak reported wind gusts at some weather stations by 12:00 UTC. Map and data: