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Sting jet likely developing on Ophelia: 191 km/h gust recorded at Fastnet lighthouse, SW Ireland

Peak wind gusts of 191 km/h / 103 kt have already been reported at Fastnet Lighthouse, SW Ireland at 9:56 UTC! This is an extremely high value, more than most high-resolution models indicated and indicates a sting jet is likely indeed present. Peak wind gusts along the southern coast of Ireland may well approach 200 km/h. This is a very dangerous situation!

Satellite analysis of post-tropical storm Ophelia rapidly approaching Ireland this morning. Notice the branches of “banded cloud head” pushed towards the SW Ireland, indicating that the sting jet structure is likely developed! Stay alert for dangerous weather along SW-S-SE Ireland until 3pm today! Source: EUMETSAT

Read forecast on Ophelia over Ireland today here! Further updates as the situation develops here!