Numerous wildfires are currently raging in Portugal and NW Spain. There are approximately 440 ongoing fires in Portugal, 26 of them major, being fought by over 3700 firefighters. There are over 130 ongoing fires in Spain, at least 15 in Galicia alone. The fires in Galicia may merge into a single large fire, warns regional government president Alberto Nunez Feijoo. Fatalities have been reported in both countries. The fires are fueled by very dry vegetation, result of a very dry spring and summer and strong winds, gusting at up to 90 km/h locally. Arson is likely playing a significant role too.

We have received numerous reports from our readers, which we post below. We welcome further reports on this very serious situation.

The horizon is filled with thick black smoke from big fires in Vieira de Leiria, Portugal today! Report: João Pinto.

Massive black smoke plumes over fires in Vieira de Leiria, Portugal. Photo: João Mourinho.

Black smoke billowing from the blaze in Marinha Grande, Portugal. Photo: S Pedro de Moel.

A view one does not want to see (Região de Leiria, Portugal). Photo: Região de Leiria.

Black smoke over the blaze in Vieira de Leiria, Portugal. Photo:

Spectacular view of very large pyrocumulus from the fires in Portugal. Report: João Filipe Correia.