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Hot day in France, Spain and Portugal today – September 23, 2018

Hot weather prevailed over much of southern and southeastern France today as well as across the Iberian peninsula. Temperatures reached mid-30s in France and approached 40 °C in Spain and Portugal!

France pushed up to 35.3 °C in Montpellier (Fréjorgues) and near or above 30 °C across much of the south and southeast of the country.

Peak temperatures in France on Sunday, September 23. Map:

The vast majority of the Iberian peninsula also pushed above 30 °C – enjoying the heat wave. Southwestern Spain pushed up to 38.7 °C (stations Badajoz and Jerez De La Frontera Aeropuerto). Portugal reached 38.3 °C (Evora). A very hot day indeed! The heat wave in Spain and Portugal is expected to persist.

Peak temperatures in Spain and Portugal on Sunday, September 23. Map: