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*Violent* windstorm unfolding across the North Atlantic – several stations in the Faroe Islands reporting 180-220 km/h (110-140 mph) gusts

A violent winter storm / windstorm is unfolding across the North Atlantic today as a very large and intense cyclone has significantly deepen overnight. The central pressure is now around 940 mbar, the cyclone’s center is over Iceland. Central pressure will continue falling while the system drifts east-northeast tonight. To the south of the center, very powerful winds are pushing major 15+ meter waves towards the Faroe Islands – expect the conditions to worsen, becoming EXTREMELY INTENSE tonight!

Surface analysis across the North Atlantic this morning, Jan 7th 06 UTC – a very large cyclone had two cores, one over Iceland and another one over the Greenland Sea.

The system’s central pressure has significantly deepened overnight and the minimum in the center is around 942 mbar, centered across southern Iceland. It is expected to further deepen today and tonight while the cyclone is moving towards the Greenland Sea, likely to around 935 mbar! The pressure drop is perfectly seen on the main Icelandic airport weather station, Keflavik – the pressure fall was around 33 mbar since last night (16 hours):

The extreme winds are in significant increase across the Faroe Islands where the most exposed locations are already experiencing wind gusts from 160-220 km/h this afternoon. Even higher *violent* wind gusts are expected tonight!

A detailed look over the mean sea-level pressure across the North Atlantic and the associated windstorm extended south of the low, resulting in extremely severe to violent winds towards the Faroe Islands. Notice also verys violent downslope winds across the southeast coast of Greenland, pushing 200+ km/h from the glaciers into the coastal fjords!

Refer to the primary forecast discussion for additional mesoscale information:

A rare occurrence in the tropics – five (5) tropical systems are simultaneously ongoing in the West Indian Ocean today!

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