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Sharp cold front will bring snowfall to parts of the Alps this weekend

The sharp cold front that will pass across the Alpine region through the weekend will also produce the first significant snowfall in the Alps. It will be confined to higher elevations (above ~2000-2400 m).

Models indicate the zero isotherm (0 °C level) will drop to approximately 2000-2400 m in the wake of the cold front. Northern and central Alps will likely receive a springking of snow above this level, with elevations above ~3000 m receiving up to 5-20 cm of snow. Southeastern Alps will also likely receive some sprinkling of snow.

The snow will not last as temperatures are expected to rise quite quickly after the cold front: 0 °C level will be above 3000 m across most of the Alps by mid-Monday and closer to 4000 m by early Tuesday.