What we have been afraid, the explosion of wildfires has verified today (Saturday, Jan 4th) with the peak of the heatwave across southeast Australia and intensified winds towards the burning areas. More than 60.000 km2 of land burned, while wildfires (now 200+ ongoing) are expanding. There are now at least 20 people reported dead with much more missing. The death toll is catastrophic among animals as around 500 million have been killed so far. Finally, some relief is coming after today, as winds weaken and heatwave vanishes, at least for a few days.

Visible satellite imagery of the huge smoke plumes extending from eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales into the ocean – red dots are the ongoing fires!

The smoke expanded as wildfires literally exploded out of control due to the arrival of much stronger winds from the northwest today – attached is morning vs. afternoon satellite image.

A couple of reports – pictures speak more than a thousand words:


Stay tuned for updates!

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Wildfires in Australia create a smoke cloud larger than the continental United States! It can be seen from space as it circles the hemisphere, covering over 12.000km! Full animation included.

Southeast Australia is burning – all ingredients are there for catastrophic increase in fire danger tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday)