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Severe hailstorms, supercells over north and northwest Italy

As expected thunderstorms, producing locally severe hailstorms, hit north and northwest Italy yesterday, April 29. Some beautiful Read more

Severe thunderstorms likely across parts of north Italy today, April 29

North Italy is looking at some potentially severe thunderstorms today. Quite impressive instability builds up across the Read more

Greece will be choked by another round of thick Saharan dust on Sunday, expect dust also in S Italy, the Balkans and W Turkey

A new round of thick Saharan dust will be moving from north Africa into eastern and central Mediterranean starting tonight. Read more

Storm season returns: hailstorms across France, Italy and the Balkans

Storm season returns: a number of hailstorms hit France, Italy and the western Balkans on March 6 and 7. Thunderstorms developed Read more

More intense snowfall for NW Italy tonight and tomorrow

Intense snowfall in the Alps of northwestern Italy continues tonight and will persist for much of the day tomorrow. Locally Read more