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Week 19 (May 8-14) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 30 entries in Week 19 is:

1. place – WINNER: Marko Korošec‎ – 100 votes

“Lightning barrage over N Adriatic sea, Aug 2013” by Marko Korošec‎.

2. place: Matija Uglješin – 88 votes

“Horseshoe shaped cloud under an explosive CB in Vojvodina (Serbia) 17-June-2016” by Matija Uglješin.

3. place: Anže Polovšak – 85 votes

“14.5.2017, Slovenia” by Anže Polovšak.

4. place: Jean Paul V Kranenburg‎ – 56 votes

“Thunderstorm with amzing Arcus: sat 23-08-2014” by Jean Paul V Kranenburg‎.

5. place: Christof Nolden‎ – 49 votes

“Thunderstorm near Baesweiler, Germany :)” by Christof Nolden‎.

6. place: Danica Venus‎ – 46 votes

“Lightning” by Danica Venus‎.

7. place: Włodek Cyptor‎ – 45 votes

“Shelf Cloud in Poland :)” by Włodek Cyptor‎.

8. place: Michele Sensi‎ – 35 votes

“Quando la Natura da spettacolo, Casalgrande Reggio Emilia” by Michele Sensi‎.

9. place: Shawn Strader – 29 votes

“One year ago today, I captured this amazing supercell that was located to the west of Oklahoma City, OK. Just happened to also be Friday the 13th” by Shawn Strader.

10. place: Paweł Kalinowski‎ – 27 votes

“2017.05.03 Bieszczady Mountains, Eastern Beskids” by Paweł Kalinowski‎.

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