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Week 16 (Apr 17-23, 2017) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 47 entries in Week 16 is:

1. place – WINNER: Entoni Novosel‎ – 146 votes

“Some old photo i taken back in 2012 , a lucky shot of a nighttime waterspout nicely lit by lightning :) Near the coast of Pula,Croatia” by Entoni Novosel‎.

2. place: Stavros Kesedakis‎ – 80 votes

“A large waterspout forming off of Rhodes island Greece (about 100 meters from the beach ), last December with a rainbow next to it …… Cyclone of Rhodes / JWSevereWeather” by Stavros Kesedakis‎.

3. place: Brandon Bakker‎ – 72 votes

“Triple :) 4 August 2015” by Brandon Bakker‎.

4. place: Mikal de Langen‎ – 56 votes

“Shelfcloud at night, 30th of August 2015” by Mikal de Langen‎.

5. place: Jernej Lipovec – 55 votes

“Mammatus clouds in NE Slovenia last sunday (16.4.2017)” by Jernej Lipovec.

6. place: Asher HV‎ – 54 votes

“Hi everyone, storm caught in September in Barcelona ( spain). Massive storm affected Barcelona that evening!! I hope you like it!!” by Asher HV‎.

7. place: Gijs de Reijke‎ – 50 votes

“A wall cloud wrapping up tightly, the RFD blowing through, a few drops of rain and a lot of sunlight, creating an intensifying rainbow. Below that, the beautiful vineyards of the Alsace. The only thing missing? A tornado. But if you’re treated to a sight like this, it can only be considered to be the ‘cherry on top’ that’s missing. What a day… May 28, 2016 near Strasbourg, France” by Gijs de Reijke‎.

8. place: Martin Schunack‎ – 43 votes

“**Thor is calling** Lightning over the Swabian Alb Last Year Summer. Hope the F*** Winterweather is over and the Season for Stormchasing starts soon” by Martin Schunack‎.

9. place: Gabriele Costanzo‎ – 42 votes

“Good morning, lightning off the coast of Lipari (Aeolian Islands)” by Gabriele Costanzo‎.

10. place: Andriana Baltouma – 41 votes

“The time the storm approach the city… Today in Athens Greece…” by Andriana Baltouma.

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