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Week 17 (Apr 24-30, 2017) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 14 entries in Week 17 is:

1. place – WINNER: Asher HV‎ – 55 votes

“Storm going inside the mediterranean sea in Catalonia!! I hope you like it!!” by Asher HV‎.

2. place: Michele Sensi‎ – 42 votes

“Lunedì-27-06.2016 ore 00:11 — in Casalgrande Reggio Emilia.” by Michele Sensi‎.

3. place: Ryan Crouse – 37 votes

“Under the Whale’s Mouth!!! July 10, 2016 – Wild Storm Structure near Willowbrook Sk. Canada!” by Ryan Crouse.

4. place: Sean Needham – 29 votes

“My village… Perhaps one of the few daytime shots I’ve taken I’m really happy with (though a lesser grad filter would have been better as the cloud looks a touch dark). Taken back in 2014, Nikon D700, custom built trigger, 1/200th shutter, F:/8” by Sean Needham.

5. place: Carl Harlott‎ – 25 votes

“Fantastic turbulent sky over ipswich yesterday afternoon” by Carl Harlott‎.

6. place: João Paulo Murteira‎ – 24 votes

“Azenhas do Mar, Sintra, Portugal – May 2016” by João Paulo Murteira‎.

7. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 19 votes

“Hail storm approaching Belgrade 16/8/2010” by Nikola Pavlovic.

8. place: Dan Drimmie‎ – 17 votes

“Approaching summer storm. c1988 Lake Nipissing, North Bay Canada. Olympus OMG, Kodachrome 64. Unfiltered, natural light” by Dan Drimmie‎.

9. place: Zé Paupério‎ – 13 votes

“Twin clouds. Porto, Portugal” by Zé Paupério‎.

10. place: Isabel P Santos‎ – 13 votes

“Arrifana, Aljezur – 2017” by Isabel P Santos‎.

10. place: Elsa Uhe‎ – 13 votes

“Today at 6:40 am – Rogil, Portugal. Good morning! Have a nice day!” by Elsa Uhe‎.

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