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Hurricane Ophelia heading for landfall in south Ireland tomorrow

The currently Category 1 hurricane Ophelia will make landfall in Ireland tomorrow as a post-tropical cyclone packing strong storm to hurricane-force winds.

Hurricane Ophelia late on Saturday, October 14, imaged by NASA Terra satellite, then a Category 3 Major Hurricane.

Record-breaking Hurricane Ophelia keeps on going strong, currently (Sunday evening) a Category 1 Hurricane, with sustained 145 km/h (90 mph) winds. Ophelia reached Category 3 yesterday, with peak winds of 185 km/h (115 mph). The system displayed textbook hurricane structure and even underwent an eyewall replacement cycle yesterday.

Category 1 Hurricane Ophelia late today (Sunday). Image: EUMETSAT.

The system will transition into a powerful post-tropical cyclone, making landfall in southern Ireland tomorrow late morning and early afternoon.

Latest ensemble forecast track for Ophelia. Map: National Hurricane Center.

Severe to very severe windstorm across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Various high-resolution models are in general agreement: peak wind gusts of 140-160 km/h in extreme southern Ireland (up to 190 km/h at higher elevation) and 120-150 km/h over central and eastern Ireland, parts of Northern Ireland and Wales. See maps below for details.

Peak wind gust speed in ARPEGE model guidance. Maps:

Peak wind gust speed in HIRLAM model guidance. Maps:

Peak wind gust speed in Kachelmann Europa HD model guidance. Maps:

Stay tuned for updates later today and tomorrow!