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Monster CAT 5 Super Typhoon Kong-Rey in the western Pacific, heading towards Japan islands this Friday

Super typhoon Kong-Rey continues to show its power today. It is the second CAT 5 tropical system of currently ongoing in the Pacific ocean. Kong-Rey has now intensfied to a strong CAT 5 system with max sustained winds of 160 mph, gusting up to 190 mph. The estimated central pressure has been around 917 mbar. Kong-Rey should maintain an intense CAT 5 strength for another day or two before begins its weakening trend before reaching Japan’s Ryukju islands on Friday and heads towards South Korea this weekend.

An incredible satellite presentation of Kong-Rey came this morning, local evening time over the western Pacific. A very large and powerful typhoon reveals a completely symmetrical outflow ventilation pattern, a very intense closed eyewall and large eye. Based on this characteristics lately, typhoon could actually strengthen a bit more through the next 24 hours.

Himawari-8 images (VIS and IR) of Super Typhoon Kong-Rey.

Here is the past track analysis of Kong-Rey: notice how it rapidly intensified from a CAT 2 typhoon into a CAT 5 super typhoon in just 24 hours, from 00 GMT on Oct 1st (yesterday morning) until October 2nd 00 GMT (today morning): maximum sustained winds have increased from 110 mph to 160 mph in this 24-hour period, which is a very rapid intensification (note: the official threshold for rapid intensification of tropical systems is 35 mph max sustained winds increase in 24 hours). However, even more rapid intensification happened earlier: Kong-Rey max sustained winds increased for 65 mph in just 24 hours the day before, from 80 to 145 mph between September 30th 12 GMT and October 1st 12 GMT.

Storm track statistics for Super Typhoon Kong-Rey by Wunderground.

The future forecast track of Kong-Rey has now changed slightly and more westerly path has been indicated by various models. The typhoon should, although significantly weakened compared to its current strength, make landfall in far SW Japan or even South Korea towards the end of the coming weekend.

Future track of Super Typhoon Kong-Rey by Wunderground.

We will continue monitoring Kong-Rey’s evolution in the coming days and we will keep you updated!

You can see details about the other CAT 5 tropical system – Major hurricane Walaka in the Pacific here:

Major CAT 5 hurricane Walaka west of Hawaii today, Oct 2nd