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Monster Super Typhoon Kong-Rey in the western Pacific

Super Typhoon Kong-Rey continues with an incredible satellite presentation lately, it is maintaining an intense eyewall and quite a large eye. Its future track has not changed much, it is heading towards Japan islands this weekend. Here are the latest updates: while the latest official update still has it as a strong CAT 4 typhoon, past hours of Advanced Dvorak Technique analysis suggests Kong-Rey is already a monster CAT 5 typhoon.

First daylight over the monster typhoon today, local morning over the western Pacific ocean – notice the incredible symmetrical structure with a well-defined stadium effect of the eyewall and clearing eye!

Some additional pretty impressive satellite imagery in visible and infrared spectrum:

Advanced Dvorak Technique analysis suggests the ADT number is 7.1, which puts the typhoon into 149.0 kt max sustained winds and central pressure of 908 mbar. This is a 170 mph or a very strong CAT 5 typhoon (threshold for a CAT 5 storm is 155 mph). So we can see Kong-Rey continues strengthening.

Kong-Rey’s future track based on the latest guidance by JTWC and various models – potential exists for landfall in SW Japan or even South Korea on Saturday.

Stay tuned for further updates!