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Strong hurricane Michael will cross the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to make landfall in Florida this week

The Gulf of Mexico will soon become active as new Tropical storm Michael has developed in the western Caribbean, east of the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. Potential is increasing for a strong hurricane to develop in the coming days while the system will be moving across the Gulf. Landfall is currently expected in Florida on late Wednesday night.

Latest satellite imagery indicates an organizing tropical storm in the western Caribbean, centered just SW of Cuba. A lot of very deep convection is visible around the centre of the low, pressure is near 985 mbar .

Peak winds and accumulated rainfall swaths along currently forecast Michael’s path across the eastern Gulf of Mexico into southeast United States.

HWRF and ECMWF model guidance, based on today’s 00 UTC run – in good agreement with GFS, pushing Michael towards landfall in Florida on late Wednesday.

Model intensity guidance suggest it should strengthen to Hurricane strength (CAT 1 / 2) in the next 24-36 hours, soon after it crosses the channel between Yukatan peninsula and Cuba.

The forecast track by most of the models suggest Michael will be making landfall on Florida peninsula, then cross the southeast US, accelerate towards the east US coast and eject over the Atlantic ocean during the weekend.

Hurricane Michael is on track to become a threat for major storm surge, devastating winds and flooding across southeast United States. Michael could make a landfall as a Category 2 (or even 3) hurricane along the coast of Florida, sometime on late Wednesday or Thursday. We will continue monitoring the evolution of this tropical system through the next days when more data (including NOAA hurricane hunters data) becomes available.

Stay tuned for further updates!