The town of Nazaré, Portugal (around 100 km north of the capital Lisbon) is a well-known place to experience major or ever extreme sea waves from the Atlantic ocean. This week, high swell resulting from a powerful cyclone over North Atlantic brought high waves across the Bay of Biscay which also spread along the Iberian coast. The highest waves in Nazaré reached more than 15 meters!

The aforementioned high swell over the Atlantic was additionally enhanced by the WNW winds, associated with the wind maximum from the remnants of the North Atlantic cyclone moving across the Bay of Biscay. Winds following the main swell south of the cyclone’s center resulted in even more significant wave height.

Pressure analysis across Europe on Nov 20th morning. Graphics:

The highest waves reached approximately 20 meters, maybe even higher, based on observations by locals. Average waves were likely between 13 and 18 meters. A video report was sent to us by our contributor Guy Coopmans – thank you!

Video of monster waves in Nazaré, Portugal by Guy Coopmans /

Another video:

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