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GALLERY: Smoke from wildfires in northern Spain, Portugal blocks out the Sun over UK and parts of France

The skies over parts of United Kingdom and France turned eerie dark orange under a thick smoke that blocked out the Sun. The scene prompted propmpted science fiction references, including Blade Runner and Star Wars.

What everyone was seeing was thick smoke from fires raging over northern Spain and Portugal, blown across the Bay of Biscay into UK and France by favourable winds.

Some of the most impressive views:

Smoke and deep orange sunset over Stansted airport. Photo: Marco Terrosi.

London. Photo: TheFootballGram_‏ @TheFootballGram.

London. Photo: @bicknaker TW.

London. Photo: Kevin‏ @TencetB TW.

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London. Photo: Oliver Sadie‏ @OliverSadie TW.

London. Photo: Matthew Claaargghk‏.

London. Photo: Filosofizer‏ @Filosofizer TW.

Dim orange skies over Caen, NW France. 5 pm, Oct 16. Photo: François Raulin.

Orange skies over Gijón, Asturias, N Spain this afternoon, Oct 16. Report: El tiempo en Cádiz‏.

Sunrise in Gijón, N Spain today (Oct 16), about 80 km from a massive fire – the sky is completely obscured by thick smoke. Report: Adán Shennan Farpón.

Mateo López García sends this spectacular dramatic picture of yellowish sky in Grau, Asturieas, NW of Spain.

Alex Symons sends this amazing yellowish sky over Guernsey, UK.

Eerie orange skies also over Brittany, NW France this afternoon, Oct 16. Report: Observatoire Keraunos.

Daniel Ardley reports spectacular skies also from London, England. At 3pm today in London, the sky turned dark orange.

Sun through thick smoke over Ipswich, UK today (Oct 16). Photo: Carl Harlott.