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Summertime anyone? Almost. Extremely warm mid-April day across a large part of the Balkans – up to +31 °C in North Macedonia, +29 °C in Greece, Serbia, and Bosnia

An extremely warm day in the western Balkans yesterday, Apr 18th. The foehn effect of southwest winds from the Dynaric mountain range into the plains to its east has pushed the relative humidity very low, while the temperatures climbed significantly. Most of the countries have reported temperatures much above the 25 °C threshold, many were in the upper 20s. While the weather station in Bitola, North Macedonia reported even a hot day – it was +31 °C in the afternoon!

Overview of the maximum temperatures, Apr 18th:

Here are the highest temperatures across parts of Europe:

SYNOP/METAR tabular data (source: OGIMET):

Tomorrow will again be very warm over parts of the Balkans and central Europe, while cold advection pushes in from the eastern Europe on Monday and Tuesday:




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Very warm weekend ahead again, but the NAO index trends suggest it could get colder again into the remainder of April