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Week 08-2020 (Feb 17th – Feb 23rd) Contest Winners

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Week 08 of 2019 (Feb 17th – Feb 23rd) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Stefanos Mistrellides‎ – 279 votes

“I wish some nights lasted forever (Combination of 4 shots). 19.4.2019” by Stefanos Mistrellides‎

2nd place: Maja Kraljik – 273 votes

“This monster crossed over the western coast of Istria, Croatia in the early morning. The photo was taken with a Nikon D40 with a kit lens and it is a panorama of 4 vertical photos. Sept. 24th, 2017” by Maja Kraljik

3rd place: Albin Panisset – 271 votes

“Beautiful lenticular clouds in the Jura (39) sky in France” by Albin Panisset

4th place: Amber Nanett Linneberg‎ – 254 votes

“Pic from 2017. Taken in Andalucien Spain. I felt it was a little scary” by Amber Nanett Linneberg‎

5th place: Pascal Mallet – 228 votes

“Dennis storm, yesterday, from Hermanville sur Mer (North France)” by Pascal Mallet

6th place: Danijel Palčić – 216 votes

“Beautiful double rainbow over Pag town, Croatia, 21.12.2019” by Danijel Palčić

7th place: Stavros Kesedakis – 211 votes

“Shelf cloud invasion in Rhodes island Greece back in Jan 2019” by Stavros Kesedakis

8th place: Devid Raziel Penguti‎ – 205 votes

“Mammatus Sunset. Polesine, 11.06.2019” by Devid Raziel Penguti‎

9th place: Ciro Giuffrè – 182 votes

“Palermo 28/09/2018” by Ciro Giuffrè

10th place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 173 votes

“June 6th 2019 severe thunderstrom with shelf cloud and wind gusts over 70 mph near Abilene, Texas” by Andreas Feichtmeier

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