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Around -35 °C across Lapland (northern Finland, Norway, Sweden) this morning, March 4th

Meteorological spring has started on the 1st, but it does not mean spring weather is here for many. Parts of Scandinavia is again in the deep freeze, also fully covered in thick snow across Lapland and higher Norway. Extremely cold night and morning have been observed across Norwegian Lapland this morning, around -35 °C was reported from some stations (Verlegenhuken, Karl Xii Oya and Cuovddatmohkki). Almost -33 °C in Swedish Lapland (Naimakka), close to -31 °C in Finnish Lapland (Enontekio).

The more of less temporal pattern through mid this week has contributed to favorable conditions for an extremely cold night and morning across Scandinavia. Ahead of the long-wave trough over North Atlantic and west-central Europe, a ridge with the surface high-pressure system is placed across northern Europe and across the far eastern parts of Europe.

Here are the morning temperatures across northern Scandinavia (Lapland) today – many areas below -25 °C and several below -30 °C. The Norwegian part of Lapland down to -35 °C locally!