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Explosive development of Super Typhoon Hagibis

Super Typhoon Hagibis has explosively strengthened from a tropical storm to Super Typhoon strength in less than 24 hours!

Hagibis was a tropical storm 24h ago (Oct 6th, 10h UTC), with peak sustained winds of 96 km/h. As of 00h UTC on October 7th, typhoon Hagibis had reached equivalent-CAT3 strength with peak sustained winds of 185 km/h, gusting up to 232 km/h. It continued rapid strengthening, with JTWC 00h UTC warning forecasting 222 km/h peak winds by 12h UTC, Oct 7th and 250 km/h sustained peak winds, gusting to 306 km/h by 00h UTC on October 8th.

Typhoon Hagibis in Himawari-8 images at 6:30 UTC today, October 7th.

Latest satellite imagery shows impressive structure on Hagibis, with a tight, pinhole eye, indicative of a very powerful system. Latest peak wind estimates put peak sustained winds at 241 km/h, a high-end equivalent-CAT4 Super Typhoon, just shy of equivalent-CAT5. It is thus strengthening even faster than anticipated.

Typhoon Hagibis in Himawari-8 images near local dusk (8:10 UTC) today, October 7th.

Typhoon Hagibis is now approaching the Marianas Islands. Latest forecast path has it tracking over the uninhabited island of Anatahan in the northern part of the Marianas late today.

Stay tuned for further updates on this powerful system!