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A violent and destructive tornado hit Germantown in downtown Nashville, TN (USA) early this morning, March 3rd – at least 23 fatalities reported by 8 tornadoes across Tennessee so far

A powerful and deadly supercell storms moved through Middle Tennessee last night, with a destructive tornado through Georgetown, downtown Nashville early Tuesday morning March 3rd (last night), cutting a swath of destruction that stretched through the city for several miles. Unfortunately, at least 23 fatalities have been reported across Tennessee so far (East Nashville, Davidson county; Cookeville, Putnam county).

The event occurred in the area which was under the severe threat yesterday, SLGT risk was in place across the Tennessee valley. At least 8 tornado reports so far.

Numerous power flashes have been visible in the downtown Nashville while the tornado was ripping trough. Looking closely one can see the large cone of tornado as well:

Here are radar images and animations of the event while the deadly tornado was going through downtown Nashville. A well-defined debris ball signature has been registered on the radar scans – those are the flying debris within the tornado circulation:

Significant damage has been reported across downtown Nashville, from the Georgetown. More than 40 buildings weres significantly damaged. Attached are aerial and ground reports:

Also today, severe storms with dangerous tornado threat are possible again. The threat is further southeast across east-central Alabama and west-central Georgia where best conditions are present. Storm Prediction Center has issued a SLGT risk for today and tonight, March 3rd/4th.

Note: This is the first review report as we are still collecting data and will be updating further – stay tuned!