Yet another very cold morning in parts of central Europe and the Balkans today, Apr 3rd. Numerous stations were experiencing close or even below -5 °C, with strong frost observed as relative humidity was higher compared to the previous days. Saturday will again bring quite cold and frosty morning in some regions, but less intense than these days. The cold outbreak is then finished and will be replaced with much warmer temperatures after Sunday. Cold weather will, however, remain over the southeast Europe.

Overview of the morning temperatures today, Apr 3rd:


Here are the minimum temperatures across parts of Europe today:

Tabular data from SYNOP/METAR stations:

It was again very cold in Lapland, northern parts close to -25 °C!

A final day of this cold period will be tomorrow, Saturday, Apr 4th with still pretty cold morning temperatures:

Much warmer weather spreads across large part of Europe after this weekend, so frost danger will vanish:

Spring weather with 20-25 °C finally arrives into a large part of Europe this weekend and extends into next week

See the previous extremely cold days, April 1st and 2nd:

April 2nd – one of the coldest April mornings of last decades across northern Balkans; preliminary reports of destructive frost from NE Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary

Extreme cold and destructive frost with close to -10 °C across parts of Europe this morning, April 1st